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Product Features & Specification

  • Suitable for babies from as early as 3 months (6kg) up to kids of 4 years of age (18kg).
  • Complies with the European, US-American, Australian, Russian and South African safety standard (NRCS).Designed to place the body of the user in the perfect swimming position so that they user can acquire the perfect swimming style from early age.  
  • Provides ideal swimming position, safety & independence in the water.
  • Fast and easy to put on with patented clip fastener and no slipping through inflatable pads.
  • The users arms are free to splash and play in the water which encourages swimming strokes.
  • Made of robust PVC.They are TÜV & GS and ASTM-F963 tested and are free of phthalates. 
  • The safety straps and belt helps prevent the user from falling through the SWIMTRAINER.
For safety, always ensure that a responsible adult is within arm’s reach of a child whilst in the swimming pool no matter which swimming aid is used or how advanced the child is.
Benefits of swimming from a young age:

Babies are born with a kicking reflex, however they lose this reflex around 6 months of age. Practicing kicking from as early as possible will allow your baby to retain this reflex which will give them a huge head start in learning to swim.
Swimming strengthens muscles and joints and it builds lung capacity – which is especially good for asthma sufferers

Swimming encourages babies to start to cross their midline and to develop other physical skills whilst improving co-ordination, balance & spatial awareness

Enjoy those precious bonding moments in the fresh air with lots of skin-on-skin contact, cuddling and splashing.

Taking you child swimming from a young age will teach them to become more aware of water safety.

Baby swimming also improves the sense of balance, promotes independence, increases learning and perception and supports growth in young children.