Striped BabyWrap (Black & White / Ivory & Grey)

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  • Size: 500cm x 50cm 
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex/Lycra
  • Sleek and Sophisticated design without compromising on quality and comfort of material.
Benefits of Baby Wearing include:-
    Skin-to-skin contact - In a sling, a baby is next to your chest all the time, snuggled in and secure. This promotes bonding. Most babies will fall asleep easily in a sling with the motion of walking or rocking.
    Communication - Being so close to you in a sling, babies can advance developmentally; by watching you they learn language and non-verbal cues.
    Hands-free - Everyday tasks, such as housework, are easy to get done with your baby in a sling. As you go about your chores, baby happily snuggles into you, either sleeping or watching her surroundings.